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Babysitters who spank

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To help you to remember to show a little more decorum i am going to finish punishing you,” i told her. Desperately wanting a spanking, but being known as such a “good little boy” that you thought everyone would see right through and know you were trying to get a spanking and they would know how weird you really were. That way she’d be there to give the kids breakfast if we didn’t wake up. Sorry,” she said again, “but i’m not completely naked. Naughty, inappropriate, abusive perhaps, etc. Or what if i had smacked her sweet little bottom a few times and managed to keep in “appropriate”? what if she then told her mother? would her mother have given me a really good spanking? i think all that happened was that for some unknown reason i never did babysit with that family again. I unzipped, not trying to hide the fact that i was doing so.

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Babysitters who spank. Only by the blood are we set free. What boy at that age didn’t fantasize about his best freinds mom or babysister pulling down his pants and exposing his bare bottom for a spanking????? to this day even though i’m older and have been in spanking for a few years i still, though not actively at this time, still crave that spanking that never happened. You never explain why she never babysat you again maybe she was worry you would ask her to spank you again or she was embrassed too. We love them, we need them, but there’s some pain in the. I am quick to scoop up a crying child and sooth them with a little song and dance routine. Tell them you’re not comfortable. I’ve also been on the top side giving it out.

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