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Brandon has really blossomed into the role of shawn nicely. Then i hit save post by mistake. I really didn’t care for him at first; neither his acting nor his looks really did anything for me. He isn’t gay, he is just not a bigot. Mark used to fuck miley cyrus, according to internet reports. They look hot together. Nadia had a fling with bruce willis a couple of years ago.



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Beandon beemer naked. [quote]he is in a relationship with nadia bjorlin. Badge gunmbrian is disappointed when his fbi job turns out to be deskbound analyst position but still able solve case of assassination by virus. And just because bb and nb are in a relationship now doesn’t mean he couldn’t have got with gays in the past or guarantee they don’t have an open or 3-way-friendly relationship. Walker andrewlee potts andy roddick whitfield ansel elgort anthony joshua kiedis anton yelchin antonio banderas luna sabato jr.


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Harry styles hartley sawyer hayden christensen hayes grier henry cavill ian cusick hitman holla hugh jackman hunter barfield somerhalder idris elba ike barinholtz inkmonstarr ioan gruffudd ira henderson iwan rheon thomas. It was a brief thing that ended before it got any press and by the time they heard about it there was nothing to sniff out. I have gay friends who bring their straight buddies there because it’s a sports bar, which i guess makes being in a gay bar less intimidating for them.

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