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Comparing gay and bisexual men on sexual behavior, condom use, and psychosocial variables related to hiv/aids | springerlink

Beyond annual events, such as circuit parties, drug use is common in gay communities and at specific gay venues. For example, in their population-based study of 2,172 msm in four urban centers, Likewise, indulge in fictional fantasies about a third man joining in during lovemaking, spicing things up in the bedroom while also showing the trust and acceptance you have placed in his sexuality. For example, the prevalence of substance use reported by msm attendees at a major circuit party in north america was 72, 60, 39, 36, and 28% for ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and ghb, respectively, with unsafe sexual behaviors in these settings being significantly associated with frequent use of ecstasy and ketamine (. Ashley monks, and doug p. Focus group transcripts were analyzed using consensual qualitative research techniques. A total of 29 men self-identified as hiv-infected and 17 self-identified as uninfected.


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Bisexual analsex lovers. Alcohol, crack cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine were the primary drugs mentioned by participants. We highlighted five interacting roles of drugs and same-sex sexuality among ngi and bisexual african american msm. From drug addiction and maintain sobriety. Go to him, confront him with this information and assess the truth of the matter. Choose a best word that can describe you to avoid confusion. Three subthemes were identified, which described how drugs motivated or influenced same-sex activity including: (1) exchange of sex for drugs or money to buy drugs, (2) formative early childhood sexual experiences with men that involved drugs, and (3) drug use contributing to feelings of hypersexuality or sexual compulsion that were most easily satisfied by male partners. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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