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Electro-stimulation sex fetish pictures


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This may require you to hack your e-stim electrode cable or you can buy adaptors to link the cables for you. Another good starter position. Attention! we want to warn you that sexually explicit information might be found on this website, it also includes links to porn sites. First of all this article is a little bit naughtier than my usual ones and it depicts explicit visual demonstrations of electrode positioning on both men and women so before you scroll down please make sure it is safe and wise to do so where you are. This positions means that you can’t insert anything else anally but you can of course still masturbate as usual whilst enjoying the pulses.

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Heres what its like to use electro-stimulation during sex | metro news


Mystim – adaptor round plug to phone jack female junction

Electro-stimulation sex fetish pictures. This is another excellent way to enjoy a bipolar electrode but this time with a pair of cock loops as well. This sort of electrode configuration is very intense and ideal for any bdsm scene or simply when pleasuring yourself. Experiment with the positions of the pads to see what works best for you. One of the earliest of paradise electro stimulations’ tubular line of electrodes, the p.


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Depending on the design of the electrode the current will either flow from side to side or up and down the vaginal cannal producing some incredible sensations whilst the current from the pads pass through and around the clitoris. Inserted into the vagina the current flows from one electrode to the other causing your kegel muscles to get a workout.

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