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Erotic japanese wrestling


Goku-genki - japan erotic wrestling

Ladder match and we wouldn’t even know. She’s a preteen who runs around in makeup that makes her look like the girl from. His tale is an inspiring one, because yoshihiko has a handicap that separates him from most wrestlers. 2 sexy nude females in a wrestling match.

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Erotic japanese wrestling. Dude has been a hero to me for over 20 years. Otherwise, it’s just slapstick. But things really took a turn for the brilliant when a wrestler named misuteru made his debut appearance. Fat wink and a muscular hunk have an arm wrestling contest. One of their younger trainees, 9-year-old haruka kumagai, became internet famous when a video of her “defeating” junior heavyweight champion kenny omega went viral: Naturally, we’re glad that wrestlers aren’t murdering each other for our entertainment, but watching participants brave serious injury is pretty much the entire point of the death match. Connect to your existing cracked account if you have one or create a new cracked username.


And because hustle is japanese, it was no time at all before a family saga story line featuring an implied rape, bizarre alien biology and secondhand death by obesity was ready to go. Don’t worry, the red stuff in the water is just human blood.

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