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Female anal inspection

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Rectal examination

The european court on human rights has held that this allows member states to collect dna samples from criminal suspects, but not to store them indefinitely for indeterminate purposes. 222, entered into force september 3, 1953, as amended by protocols nos 3, 5, 8, and 11 which entered into force on september 21, 1970, december 20, 1971, january 1, 1990, and november 1, 1998, respectively. (accessed june 20, 2016), para. (accessed april 8, 2016). (accessed april 22, 2016). The remarks attributed to the igp are not only troubling, but advance a comparison that makes no logical sense. (accessed june 20, 2016).


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Female anal inspection. Christopher, a british citizen, was deported in january 2014 before his case came to trial, and prosecutors subsequently withdrew charges against him. Doctors subjected them to forced anal exams and involuntary hiv tests. Research in tunisia was undertaken in collaboration with amna guellali, tunisia researcher, and field research on turkmenistan was conducted by viktoriya kim, senior coordinator in the europe and central asia division. Nyazik told human rights watch that a police informant, who was also gay, turned him in, along with other friends. Katumba ssentongo gubala, kampala, february 4, 2016.

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It is unclear whether doctors in tripoli continue to conduct forced anal examinations. By making the difficult decision to speak out, they have made an invaluable contribution toward ending forced anal examinations. (examining officer) and salim yunus (police officer), on file with human rights watch.

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