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First orgasm of his young life

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19 guys recall their first time making themselves climax

The blood pressure shoots up and heart rate soars to over 100 beats per minute, similar to an intensive workout. Everyone has a story of the first time they. And both partners are placing responsibility on the man to bring the woman to orgasm. Not only do students get most of their.

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First orgasm of his young life. When i’d ask the doctors, they’d look at me like i was crazy. In fact, it’s quite possible your first orgasm. We’ll do it together,” he said. Pretend i’m not here.


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You can’t help it! women are sexual beings, and when something feels good, we want it to happen again. Thank god they only get better, and not worse, with age (can i get an amen!). Nonetheless my compulsion went unchecked, and my behavior eventually drew unwanted attention.

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