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How deep is the ass

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The beginners guide to putting toys up your butt

It’s not exactly something you ask your parents or anybody really. What resulted was an awful constipation and when it finally agreed to surrender it quite literally tore my ass. I don’t have hemorrhoids but the fissures themselves have started to accumulate scar tissue and i am a bit worried about increasing my chances for rectal cancer and the sorts. But i prefer to be prepared. Regular toilets are already a “squatty potty”. Been doing it that way for almost 10 years and have no problems with it so far, but i’m always nervous that no one speaks about it.


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How deep is the ass. Any toys that are going into your butt need to be thoroughly cleaned before (and after) penetration. This ice-cold beauty got to know how it feels to have moisex’s cock going through her as if it were a lance. 5 inches at its widest point. Some have mentioned a bidet but you could also go with an enema bag.

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But these techniques don’t take into account things like rectal-wall thickness and variations in the mechanics of different facets of the tissue, so the results vary too much among patients to give a solid estimate, according to. The medical folks who do colonics go all the way to the ileocecal valve. How do people even learn to wipe? anyway, first my question and then some background:

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