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I want to lose my virginity

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It doesn’t matter what people have to say; the virginity’s yours. I kind of hate these replies, because virginity doesn’t have to be special for it to be completely, totally reasonable and normal for a person to not want to have sex just to have sex- whether it is the first time or the hundredth time. Omg that sounds terrible. I was in college about to celebrate my 19th birthday and i had experienced none of my firsts. We are each others one and only.


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I want to lose my virginity. Sex with someone you don’t really care about isn’t something i ever wanted either and now that i’m married with a baby i can 100% say not sleeping with the guys in my past was a great decision. He started dating my cousin right after. People change their minds over all kinds of tiny things (like craving a burger but then actually realizing you want nuggets), so why would that be any different for something as intimate as having sex for the first time? this is a mutual decision of which you are 50%. Don’t listen to what anyone else says, because what they say doesn’t matter.


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But if you want to just do it to get your first time behind you, that’s ok, too. Once you get there – you’ll be surrounded by people with wider range of ambitions. He just went with the flow of life i guess.

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