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Im every woman boob


28 thoughts every woman with big boobs has

Like with my mind or something. Why can’t you just make a decision to mold to society’s definition of standard breast sizing? seriously. Some women obviously have a freckle on both. Should i put them on a scale? do i do that individually and put them up there like cuts of meat? will it even get an accurate weight? can i use a scale you’d use for food portions? maybe i should buy a separate scale.

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13 things every woman thinks about her breasts

Plussed now


Im every woman boob. The sun website is regulated by the. I can’t stop staring at them, and then i lose focus and realize i’m having sex with another person. That’d be like missing a sunset and no one wants that. Then i try to focus on the other person, but seriously, when else do i get to look at my breasts while they’re moving like this? i have to seize this opportunity to study them in this environment.


Holy war

View our online press pack. Guys, if you could just be cool about it, we would do this all the time.

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