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Light curtain calculation depth penetration factor


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) will be too short and serious injury could result. Light curtains control access to the hazardous equipment by emitting infrared light beams, typically across the entrance to the hazardous area. ), you would typically take 10 stop time measurements, calculate the mean, then add 3 standard deviations. If the detection zone is at an angle of greater than 30 degrees to the direction of approach as in figure 4, it is treated as a perpendicular approach. Regularly checking shop machinery with stop-time measurements and maintaining a log of the results empowers a company to be proactive in establishing a safety maintenance program. These standards outline the requirements for the design, manufacture (including re-manufacture and rebuilding), installation, maintenance, operation, and safeguarding of industrial equipment to prevent injuries and accidents and enhance the safety of personnel who operate, assemble, and maintain machinery. When any of the beams is blocked, the light curtain control circuit sends a stop signal to the guarded machine.


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Light curtain calculation depth penetration factor. 2 mm (about 3 inches). Is usually measured by a stop-time measuring device. He also conducts seminars focused on standards, the risk assessment process, sistema, and safeguard selection. It ensures that safeguarding equipment on machinery works as designed to achieve greater worker safety, productivity and profits. This calculated value, or the highest of the 10 measured values, should be used as the value of. This site uses akismet to reduce spam.

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We use your data to analyse the use of our website and to help ensure that everything s working properly. Therefore the placement of the light curtain must be 34 inches or 864 mm away from the nearest point of the hazard on the press.

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