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Man sucked by deer


Auburn residents worried about deer with mouth stuck in jar

A little scientific testing with a good slow motion camera would prove or destroy his theory. He is an excellent shot. 50bmg case full of powder but without any bullet, put one foot away from deer, kill it with the shockwave. There is corruption in all of us. One sonic blast, one kill. Even if i did have money to burn and it was an ethical kill i still wouldnt do it more than once. Nobody would have hurt it.

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Urban dictionary: hitting a deer- adult archive

Men looking for men in deer park (melbourne)

Deer hunting humor - oh deer | hunting knives, knives and humor10 reasons why your deer season is about to suck | deer hunting | realtreeThis deer is out here getting his dick sucked in the street and i cant even get a text back - 9gag

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Man sucked by deer. So with pretty low population density, and lots of wilderness, animals can get bold. Very large holes in bodies limbs and parts of limbs blown off. 50bmg for shooting does. But, thankfully, technology has changed things for the better.

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Yes shockwave / vacum did it lol. I exclusively headshot deer. The shockwave is a silly myth, since it would mean the round is dumping a lot of energy in the air, meaning it would be facing incredible drag, meaning it would have a very short range and horrible aerodynamics.

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