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Or “high and drunk” — either way, it means you’re too fucked up to spell “drunk” properly. Aspirin on an ironing board. There are two competing theories about where the term comes from, and one of them is pretty freaking disturbing. Australian here: also hate “panties” with a passion. I was supposed to have a video meeting, so i had to put on clothes” “why?” i asked (as she usually works lying on her stomach on her bed with 2 screens propped up) she was exasperated, as usual, with me – how could i even suggest such a thing? “wouldn’t they just assume you were dressed?” “no, because when i lie down i put my boobs up to the front – otherwise it hurts my back” “couldn’t you just tilt the camera up?” at which point she threw a pillow at me. Ant and dec (apparently!).


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Other words for boob. : that the term comes from a specific elephant that belonged to p. Ok, this is not bwa – but the words people use – a post here got me thinking (the “what even are breasts” one). Com can put you. This meaning is also pretty harmless. During that decade the word caught on especially among youngsters in colleges, meaning that most people getting shitfaced would have been considered shit-looking in old-timey scotland as well. This image is literally what i think of when i hear this term. Valley girls, on the other hand, are all about pointless statements and uneconomical language (.


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We need sailor on this; a booby hatch is a boat thing, or in slang, a mental institution. But sometimes wires get crossed. I use “undies” which is also nicely unisex or when asking a new lover to assist, i might use “underwear” so it sounds a bit less twee.

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