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The secret weapon in face to connie’s feast for the eyes and ears is the unique psychedelic backdrop of films and hit music spliced together by top sound and video editor zig gron (the matrix, the bourne supremacy). Then create a fanciful, wintery tableau of simple, paper puppets and shadowy scenes that capture your own make-believe owl and coyote mythology. 35mm print from the japan foundation; courtesy janus films. Soaring vocals that are powerful and yet delicate, hosting great depth and sincerity, australian-born fatai knows how to take us on a journey through story and melody. Help choose the next flavor of m&ms’. The tour draws on this collection to explore the rich artistic traditions of the islamic world and the distinct cultures within its fold. Interested in making reservations for a private party or event? email us at [email protected]


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Pornstar mandy meyer ohio. Cfa society new york expressly reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant or deny access to any individual, or to expel any individual from any cfa society new york event or meeting. Get your wings” captures aerosmith in their ’70s-style heyday, when they were known as “america’s answer to the rolling stones. Each week children and caregivers explore art in the spark studio, experiment with materials, discover hidden objects from the bcm collection on scavenger hunt challenges and create masterworks in this one-hour class. In addition to the one-hour musical, the audience receives a special treat – interactive arts workshops prior to the performance. Celebrate the centenary of the great american conductor, composer, and pianist leonard bernstein with solo piano works by, for, and about bernstein played by 2015 avery fisher career grant recipient, michael brown “one of the leading figures in the current renaissance of performer-composers” (the new york times). The coordinator should have some filmmaking experience and must be local to nyc and generally available during may-august 2018! email [email protected]


Oscar-winning filmmaker errol morris expands on the series of pieces he wrote for the new york times about how his experience as a young student with eminent historian of scientist thomas kuhn led him to ask big questions about how we know about truth and the nature of reality. Solutions must be compassionate and collaborative, and address both the immediate crisis of overdose and death as well as their root causes.

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