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Shaved or bare guess


20 celebrity pubic hairstyles - how celebs style their pubic hair

Pubic hair impedes good sex, and i have wondered if stray hair from hairy bushes get pulled in with the penis. I experimented with shaving when a young adult, but i actually love pubic hair, on me and on others. Can’t imagine ever growing it in. They are the gifts from your parents.


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Shaved or bare guess. I’m not going to roll a woman out of my bed because she’s bald. Your username will appear next to your comments. I guess i prefer them. It makes me feel like a woman while also making my hips appear more narrow. I have a friend who had her pubic hair removed permanently and is now embarrassed that she has gained weight in her pubic and worries that it is starting to drop and becoming wrinkled. So as far as grooming, i do still get my eyebrows waxed and shave my armpits.


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I do agree that hair tends to hold a little bit extra scent. Diaz has some serious food for thought when it comes to permanent hair removal.

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