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Simon cowell bisexual

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Cele|bitchy | simon cowell reaffirms his heterosexuality after some dude claimed he was gay

Why would he lie about being bi though? its not like he couldnt continue having a very lucrative career as a talent show judge as an openly bi/gay man. Real musicians and songwriters need not apply anymore. Registered office: 15 pages walk, london, se1 4sb, uk. Cowell has stressed that the new book was not written with his approval, tweeting: “this book is not written by me. ‘ (incidentally, grazia magazine got wildly excited the other day when he was seen holding hands with dannii minogue, and there were jokes about it on x factor, but it looked like the purest publicity fluff to me. He has dug himself into a corner by pretending to be straight for so long with all these girlfriends – he would be accused of lying and hypocrisy if he now said he was actually gay.


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Simon cowell bisexual. So i presume that’s about derek and his sister, anyhow, on the l chat they insist cheryl has had lesbian relationships in her past (kimberly walsh- fellow band member) and that it has been confirmed by several insiders. I’d love to get up in dannii’s guts. Wtf? sorry for resurrecting this old warbuggy but then it’s no wonder he’s against his acts coming out, and is spiteful and tetchy towards the openly flamboyant (probably gay) performers on his shows. It was so hilarious on last night’s ‘britain’s got talent’ (here in uk) with the camp showbears – everyone loved them but simon had to act like he does not like anything camp and had to press his buzzer – then after david walliams joined them he had to do an about face and vote yes.

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He hated school – ‘i couldn’t bear the discipline and the boredom. Was married to ashley cole who had his own rumors (remember the cell phone in his ass story?) dannii minogue: pictured getting closer to a female stripper. This whole talent show franchise does not strike me as anything that a straight man would be the least bit interested in, unless he was using it as a way to fill his casting couch.

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