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Swallow alot of cum


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Keep up your wonderful work !!! This will make it much easier to take his whole load down. There are many myths that suggest that ingesting sperm has some health benefits. It is therefore important to get tested to ensure that you are both healthy. I push him off me lightly, surprising him. If you or your partner have not been tested, we recommend using a.


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Swallow alot of cum. Find it easier to swallow his load if you have a few drinks beforehand. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Try having a glass or two or wine the next time you plan on giving him a blow job and see if this helps you to relax and makes it easier to swallow. Though this is very uncommon, it is wise to be aware of this allergy. Once you have all his cum in your mouth, swallow it and let out a satisfied sigh. This will flavor your cum, making it nice to take down. When he cums take in the side of your mouth not straight down your throat.

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